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Pest Controller Thanks Parents

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Fiji Times


VINAY Kumar believes nothing can be done in life without the blessing of your parents.

The 37-year-old director of Fastkil Pest believes his success has been through the blessings of his father and late mother.


He was a child deprived of certain needs and wants in life but he is now the director of a business which provides service to the public in pest control.


Being the youngest of three children did not provide him any better treatment so he had to work hard to achieve his goals.


"When I was in Class Eight, I used to work for Rentokil as a casual labourer," he said.

"I was paid 30 cents an hour," he said.


"From there, I used to study and work part time to earn some cash for my day-to-day needs," he said.

Vinay said his father was a carrier driver and sometimes they found it hard to buy things which they wanted.


"I finished secondary school at Indian College at Form Six and after that I did my Diploma in Business Studies at Dean's Commercial School," he said.


Vinay then went to Australia to complete his business studies.

After returning from Australia I worked for TQM Pest Control Company for two years

"I loved my work during those years and I wanted to start my own company in 1997," he said.

Vinay started his company with $200 and never looked back after that.


His company provides domestic, industrial and commercial pest control services. "I am the first person to hold an Urban Pest Management Certificate with a qualified New Zealand technician licence which can be used in Fiji," he said.


"We can spray offices, fishing boats and houses to get rid of pests and provide a safer environment for the occupants," he said.


Vinay is also a registered member of the Pest Management Association of New Zealand.

He also holds an Environment Risk Management Authority Certificate.

The certificate allows him to handle chemicals safely and makes him a qualified technician to handle chemicals.


He is also a member of the Pest Control Association of Fiji and is qualified to use a wide variety of chemicals.


"We used to use residual chemicals but now we are trying to use less direct chemicals such as gel baits, cockroach powder, ant gel and others," he said.


Vinay trains all his staff on how to handle chemicals.

Most of the chemicals they use are bought from New Zealand and can be harmful but his staff how to handle them.


"I frequently travel to New Zealand to have my pest control meeting and buy chemicals that I need," said Vinay.


He gives credit to his wife who he said has been very supportive and helps out in the business too.

"In my absence, my wife acts as the managing director.


"She also goes out in the field to carry out pest control and management work," he said.

Vinay loves to spend time with his family and father.


"My father is 76-years old and is very proud of my achieve

ments and business," he said.


"I took my father to New Zealand as a Christmas present for him and he was very happy with it," he said.

"I want to keep my father happy and look after him well for as long as I can because it is because of his blessing that I have become what I am in life.


Vinay said young people should remember that nothing was impossible in life and with your parents blessing and advice, you should not encounter much or any difficulty in life,

He wants to open a branch of his business in New Zealand.

Vinay also likes to play soccer and watch rugby.